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     I have not received any child support from my former spouse, how can I enforce my child support orders? (Family Code Section 3751 and Penal Code Section 270)

     In order to ensure that your spouse pays the child support that is due to you and your child, you must first obtain a child support order.  Child support matters can be extremely emotional and frustrating for both you and your child.  You do not need to handle your child support matters alone.  An experienced San Bernardino child support attorney at Lee Lyu Martell  will guide you through every step of the process, to ensure that you and your child receive the best possible outcome in your child support case. 

     Child Support Orders in California

     The child support process in California can be one of the most confusing, complex, and emotionally difficult periods in your life.  The family law attorneys at Lee Lyu Martell can assist you in obtaining a child support order.  Our experienced child support attorneys can do the following to assist you in pursuing your child support matter against your ex-spouse:

     File a child support case against the other parent; Establish a parental relationship between your child and the other parent by obtaining an order for a paternity test; Modify any existing child support order to reflect your ex-spouse’s current income; AND
Ensure that any existing child support orders are enforced.

     While Department of Child Support Services attorneys will do what they can to ensure that you and your child’s rights are protected, they often do not have enough time to dedicate to each case to ensure the best possible outcome.  It is essential that you trust the experienced attorneys at Lee Lyu Martell who will take the time to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your child support matter.

    Child Support Enforcement in California

     If you have an order for child support, the division of child support enforcement at Lee Lyu Martell can help you to collect the child support that your child deserves.  Family law attorneys can help you collect child support in any one of the following ways:

      By filing a petition with the court to enforce the order by:

     Obtaining a wage garnishment so that the child support payments come directly out of any income that your ex-spouse receives;
Obtaining a lien against your ex-spouse’s property; AND Requiring your ex-spouse to enroll your child in his or her health insurance plan.  (Cal. Family Code § 3751).

     Your ex-spouse’s failure to pay child support may also lead to criminal penalties against him if the court determines that he willfully failed to provide child support.  Our skilled child support attorneys will ensure that your child support orders are enforced and your child receives the child support that is legally due.

     San Bernardino Child Support Attorney

     Obtaining and enforcing a child support order can be an emotionally frustrating and draining period in your life.   Why compromise the future of your child by trying to handle the matter alone?   The highly skilled child support enforcement attorneys at Lee Lyu Martell have years of experience  successfully helping our clients collect the child support that is due to them.  Our San Bernardino child support attorneys possess the knowledge of the law and pay close attention to the details of your case in order to obtain the best outcome possible in your child support enforcement case.